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An Introduction From The Managing Director

For those who are new to us we would like to introduce ourselves to you and tell you a bit about our history and work, which we hope you will find interesting. We were established in 1973 when Bill Flynn (my Grandfather) was secretary of the National Pollination Service, responsible for organising beehives to pollinate farm crops.

Through his knowledge, experience and admiration for bees he was always fascinated by PROPOLIS from the hive, which was discarded by most beekeepers as a nuisance by-product. He heard that it was being used in Iron-Curtain countries as a medicine to combat various problems, particularly mobility and joints.
Sudi Austin
Sudi Austin. (MD)
As my Aunt was born with a hip problem he decided to collect as much information and research into the healing properties of Propolis as possible, from doctors and scientists around the world, and turned to his hives to help her. A newspaper article followed his success, then Bill and his wife Iris (both o.a.p.'s) were inundated with sacks full of letters from sufferers around the world, wanting to try Propolis for themselves.

Until then he only supplied relatives and close friends, but the couple were over-awed by the number of people writing to say they were disheartened with prescribed drugs, and wanting to try a natural remedy which promised good results without dangerous side effects. After much consideration about the work and change of life-style involved, Bill and Iris decided to leave retirement to supply the thousands in need, they felt they had been given a mission in life - to make Propolis available to everyone.
Bill Flynn with propolis in it's raw state
My Grandfather - Bill Flynn
They set up a mail order business in their home with the help of children, grandchildren and friends so every letter was answered. They opened a telephone advice line too, so people could talk to one of the family about Propolis (or just chat) and many remarked on how helpful it was to reach a friendly voice instead of an impersonal computerised system. Through that personal touch Bill & Iris made hundreds of new friends, with their business growing over the years entirely by recommendation and word of mouth. They encouraged customers to write describing the benefits of Propolis. The letters have been kept and are still coming, from people of all ages, classes and professions.

Because the results are from such a broad spectrum, Bill hoped their information would be useful one day to doctors and medical researchers. Of course, trials had already been carried out abroad and all proved the effectiveness of it, suggesting Propolis could benefit far wider areas of health than at first thought. As he was asked to supply information and Propolis to UK medical trials, and as doctors and nurses started to recommend their patients to us, Bill knew he was making a valuable contribution to the future of medicine.

Animal lovers thought if it was good for them it would be good to give their pets and it is now under examination by the veterinary profession; UK trials proved it that aids the immune system, so therefore PROPOLIS MAY BE GOOD FOR ANYTHING ! Very exciting but not news to Bill and due to his successful pioneering, other more commercial companies "jumped on the band wagon". Sadly the man who began it all and his wife have now both passed away leaving the family to carry on.

Messages of sympathy and encouragement streamed in from customers, who must have felt that Bill and Iris Flynn should be acknowledged for their part in the progress of natural pain relief and health aids. It is also due to Bill and Iris that we can still promote the use of natural remedies and Propolis, so in tribute to them we intend to provide personal service and the best quality products in Flynns "old-fashioned" way. We hope that you will keep in touch and help us to enlighten more people to the benefits of Propolis once you have experienced the benefits yourself. Good Health!

Sudi Austin. (MD) 01795 874935
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