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Pure English Honey 454g

We never over-filter our bee's honey, so all its natural goodness, i.e. particles of pollen, royal jelly and propolis, are still there. You may find that our honey does not look as clear and sparkling as that which you can find in the supermarkets, but that is because they have filtered out much of the particles of natural goodness to obtain that sparkling look. Due to its natural consistency, our honey is liable to thicken and set in cold weather but if you prefer it runny you can stand the jar in hot, not boiling, water and stir until it becomes runny again.

Honey is a staple food so can be taken alone, in sandwiches or on toast and can be used as a delicious sugar substitute in hot drinks and cooking recipes. Honey is such a versatile and healthy substance that it can be taken and used as often as you like, it can be used to soothe sore throats and many "old wives tales" extol its virtue as a wound dressing.
Please note, for orders of 4 454g jars or above please contact us for a shipping quote.
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