Monday July 24, 2017, 4:58 pm
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Dear friends,

It is with sadness that I write to ask for your help. On Sunday 8th August, sometime between 10am and 6pm, our Tortoises, Speedy & Honey were stolen from their outdoor pen at the bee farm. They belong to our 12 year old daughter Jasmine, who is currently on Holiday in Cornwall with family. It is going to be devastating news for her when she returns home next Saturday, and we are dreading breaking the news to her.


 Perhaps the person who took them thinks they will not be missed but I can assure you that is NOT the case. Speedy and Honey travel to work with us every day so they can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as they are still Juvenile tortoises, and they live in our house in their cosy tortoise table. We have raised them from Hatchlings, and they do have a specialised diet. If they do not receive proper care, they will become ill very quickly so we are extremely concerned for their well-being.

They also recognise our voices and are used to the way we care for them. Chris & Myself miss them terribly already, its heartbreaking to come home to an empty Tortoise table, and of course, Jasmine is going to be devastated. They are our friends and we need to have them back.


ANYONE with ANY info at all, will be treated with utmost discretion and respect, and we are prepared to pay a reward for any info leading to the successful recovery of our pets. Someone must know something. Their pen was in full view of the shop and tea garden, so they must have been taken whilst we were distracted. If you know of anyone who has recently aquired two male Horsefield tortoises, both weighing approximately 500g each, please get in touch with us, and maybe we can avoid breaking our little girls heart. It would be amazing if we could recover them before she comes home on 14th August.

If YOU have Speedy & Honey, please either bring them back to us here at the farm, or hand them in anonymously to Angela Warder RSPCA, at Arcadian Cat Hotel in Oak Lane, Minster. ME12 3QR.


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