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The Story Of Miraculous Propolis

Honey Bee
Honey Bee

Bee Facts

  • Bees collect the sticky resin from plants & trees which protect delicate buds from weather, pests and infection. They chew the resin, mixing it with their own enzymes to make a “glue”.
  • Ancient Greeks called this bee-glue Propolis, meaning in front of the city, because they knew it protects the hive from bacteria.
  • Bees use Propolis to fill gaps in their hive keeping out draughts, it is disinfectant & antiseptic so the hive smells beautifully clean, even in winter when they are “housebound”.
  • When a bee hatches from its nursery cell that cell is cleaned with Propolis, ready for the queen to lay a precious new egg in sterile conditions.
  • Bee hive intruders, such as frogs, mice or snakes, are stung to death by bees who then die themselves. Other bees then cover the dead invader with Propolis to stop it rotting and protect the bee colony from infections. The mummified corpse will lay in the bees’ sacred city until a friendly bee-keeper discovers and removes it.

Propolis Facts

  • Every dot of Propolis is different because it is gathered by many bees from many plants in all sorts of places on different days.
  • Propolis in the hive is green or red to dark brown in colour and very sticky.
  • Famous violinist Stradivarius used Propolis on his violins, giving them an exquisite resonance.
  • Most bee keepers farming for honey would throw away Propolis after scraping & torching it from their hives, but even after such harsh work in coldest weather they wonder at their soft smooth hands and many suck a small piece to soothe sore throats, mouth ulcers & coughs.

Bee Farmer Bill Flynn

was fascinated by this & found that “iron curtain” countries were researching Propolis as medicine! A friend of a friend smuggled research information across the “iron curtain” to Bill (registered bee farmer bf007!) while he researched how Propolis was used in past history:

  • In ancient Egypt:  Propolis was used in the secret mummifying ceremony and was buried in precious caskets beside royal coffins in the pyramids.
  • In ancient Greece:  Propolis was highly prized by “the father of medicine” Hypocrates. He named Propolis & gave his name to the Hippocratic Oath  our doctors must swear today, he invented medical practice as we know it.

In recent medical trials….

All over the world, scientists have found Propolis to have amazing properties which include:
Anti - inflammatory, analgesic , anti – fungal , antibacterial, anti tumerous & antibiotic properties and it actually boosts our immune system .

World news

In the 1970’s Bill Flynn’s family overcame painful ailments by taking his Propolis capsules, so Bill & Iris retired happy. Then the “Sunday express” heard about this miracle of nature and told the world and, every day for the next 2 years, visitors & sacks of letters flooded into their little bungalow in Longfield requesting Flynn’s Propolis capsules. So Bill & Iris started work again, becoming the first UK suppliers of Propolis, but they had to move to a larger place to accommodate the worlds “new” interest in Propolis which had taken over their lives and changed many more - for the better!
And ever since then, people from all over the world still seek out Flynn’s for Propolis.

Sometimes they come because they have been recommended by friends & family, sometimes by their doctors, nurses or vets and sometimes they find out about Propolis by reading or surfing the net in search of action where modern prescription medicines fail. Some people simply come to Flynn’s seeking a supply of Propolis for maintaining good health, because propolis is relied upon, used every day and always kept handy in homes in many other countries.

Ultra modern Propolis at Flynn’s
  • Our Propolis is tested to ensure it contains enough flavinoids to fortify our bodies against infection.
  • The best Propolis is then cleaned and refined so that it is easier for our bodies to absorb, and therefore more effective.
Now at Flynn’s farm you can read what customers say about taking Propolis for health in their own letters …
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