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Why Use Natural Medicine?

Natural medicine gave way to synthetic drugs after penicillin was discovered in mould growing on bread and its antibiotic extracts were isolated. Such was their dramatic effect on saving lives that man copied them as powerful drugs, which often cause side effects.  For their own survival, viruses and bacteria develop immunity to synthetic drugs, which are made to a constant recipe so will always be one step behind. That has led to epidemics and closure of hospitals colonised by bacteria lethal to us.

Many doctors led research now showing proof of the theory we believe - that nature can provide us the perfect balance of "good and bad" bacteria to survive. Natural remedies are complexes of different ingredients and alter their make-up according to the forces of nature. They are kind to the "good" bacteria within us and can function without damaging our immune system. 

Congratulations on your discovery of Flynns Bee Farms Ltd.

All the products that we supply are natural health foods produced to European Standards. People have often been able to leave off conventional drugs as a result of their use, but we do not recommend that you stop a prescribed medicine without first consulting your doctor. You should also consult your doctor before you begin taking any health supplements if you are on a special diet for your health, or if you are diabetic, or have any other condition that restricts your diet.
It is a fact that many doctors, nurses and vets recommend their patients to contact us and we are very happy to share our knowledge and past experience with you. We can offer advice on our products based on experience, research and use of them, but we are not doctors and cannot diagnose conditions. We will do our best to provide you with a comprehensive and efficient service so, if you have questions about our products or comments which you think may help us to help you please contact our help-line number:   01795 874935.

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